Post-competition anthology "U nas za stodołą"

19.02.2019 19:37

Here it is - the post-competition anthology “U nas za stodołą”!

Recently, I received author copies of the book and it turned out that all three stories that I had sent to the competition were printed.

A great surprise!

The competition took place last year, the task was to write a fantasy, science-fiction or horror story which would take place in the conditions of the Polish village. The Anthology contains the texts of the laureates of this competition.

The book can be purchased in the form of a donation for Fundacja “Ku Przeszłości” (“Towards the Past” Foundation), which was the organizer of the competition (and which already accepts the texts for its next edition).

In the pictures you can find fragments of my stories.

I warmly congratulate the co-authors. And now I’m off to reading. 😊


Story "Gate"

Story "Farm"

Story "Life after life"

U nas za stodołą. Laureaci konkursu literackiego edycja II - 2018 r.