Announcement of publication in Fenix Antologia

01.02.2019 13:07

A very nice announcement of my debut in Fenix Antologia 😊😊😊 and an interesting initiative for authors.

Today, an article announcing two events appeared on the Fenix Antologia website - the launching of a subpage for texts sent to the “lostcase” mailbox that deserve recognition, but for various reasons will not appear in the magazine; and the publication of my short story in the sixth issue of Fenix.

For my part, only a few words of reflection:

It is good to write, it is good to send the stories out, but it is also good to consider – is this what I want to present to the world, or maybe the text needs some work? Maybe it is worth spending more time on it, giving it to someone who does not necessarily like me? This is a way to limit the number of rejections and disappointments.

Full article to be found here.