"More Than Bad Intentions" - inspirations

18.02.2018 22:50

It was supposed to be a funny fantasy story, where the action develops at a rapid pace, and we can follow the main character’s journey through amazing lands to a surprising finale.

I hope that I succeeded.

The description from the cover will tell you this:

“For Darreth, a young demon, exiled from Hell, the most desirable object is the Jewel giving power to rule his native dimension. The search for it leads him through lands of Earth, Fables, Nightmare, Absurdity and Hell itself, but the closer he gets to the goal, the less he wants the Jewel. During the adventure he discovers more and more intrigues, and nothing, including demons and angels, is what it seems.”

The idea had been maturing in my head for years. It took me several months to write it down in a process which should have taken longer. I regret a bit that I did not develop more the action taking place in the specific worlds. I am considering writing a sequel or maybe a few stories, but this idea must also mature, take the right shape first …

My trips to England and Norway had a great impact on the content of the novel. Impressions from there made it possible to write fairly faithful descriptions of the places to which the fate led the demon. The house on the water in Oslofjord exists and has delightful owners, and the shrimp have eyes when they are served. “But they have eyes!” was my first reaction when they were put on the table.

House on the water


The cemetery where Darreth worked in Oslo, the Vår Frelsers gravlund (the Cemetery of Our Savior), is a well known place.

After entry on the municipality of Oslo website (own translation, for entertainment I recommend to put the first sentence in google translate): “In the cemetery of Our Savior you will find graves of many of historical figures. Here Ibsen, Bjørnson and Munch are buried just a few meters apart. Labor party leader Martin Tranmæl has found his eternal rest next to Conservative politician C. J. Hambro, while rivals Henrik Wergeland and Johan Sebastian Welhaven have but a small patch between them.”

Cemetery Vår Frelsers gravlund - board at the entrance

Cemetery Vår Frelsers gravlund - alley

I visited almost all places in Great Yarmouth described in the book. The “Angels” club is an exception … Unfortunately, I do not have many photos related to the book, only those showing how access to the sea is hindered by amusement parks, canoe tracks and similar attractions.

Canoe track - the sea is somewhere to the right

Pirates Cove theme park

And finally, one of the most important characters - the cat Dywan (Rug). I based him on my mother’s cat, which was tabby, not ginger, but I always wanted to have a ginger tomcat. The original’s character reflected the Dywan’s personality perfectly.


Next time, a few thoughts about the lands.

A short sample for you (in English).

A list of online bookstores where the novel is available.

More Than Bad Intentions